Visa Credit Card

VISA Credit Card

Your Legacy Federal Credit Union has 3 Visa Credit Card options available for qualified applicants. All of these products provide members with no over-limit fee and no annual fee.

The Platinum card offers rewards points totaling 1.50 pts per $1.00 spent by the member. These points can be redeemed at our UChoose website for Merchandise, Travel, Events, Activities, Merchant Gift Cards or Cash Back. $5 in rewards is the minimum amount needed for Merchandise, Travel, Events, Activities or Merchant Gift Cards. $15 in rewards is the minimum amount needed for Cash Back. Cash Back can be redeemed in any denomination after the $15 is earned.

The Classic card offers lower rates but no reward points. This product is great for members who tend to keep a balance on their card and do not make a lot of purchases.

The third type of card we offer is the Share Secured VISA. Members may choose the shared secured VISA in either the Platinum card or the Classic card. Share Secured VISA’s are secured by a share account at Your Legacy FCU.

We offer Balance Transfers and Cash Advances for all three products although, there is a fee for all Balance Transfers and Cash Advances.  Please see the Visa Disclosure for more information.

TypeAnnual Percentage Rate as low as
Platinum Rewards9.99%
Rates Effective