Core Values, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement


1. Honesty and integrity supersedes all.

2. We are “member-driven.” We are committed to service excellence and providing competitive pricing of our services to create member value.

3. To be successful, we must always be accountable, both to our members and to the Your Legacy Federal Credit Union organization (co-workers and the Board of Directors).

4. It is important to carry out duties and responsibilities in a professional manner, working as a cohesive unit in a team atmosphere.

5. There must be an element of passion in what we do.

6. Development of an on-going successful sales culture is paramount to growth and profitability in both the short and long runs.

7. It is important to be open-minded, “forward-thinking,” and avoiding of status quo thought processes in order to be creative and to prosper.

8. We take pride in being one of the oldest original financial institutions in Tiffin/Seneca County and deem this position in our market as a competitive advantage.

9. While recognizing the importance of our foundation and tradition, we strive to provide a superior member experience by embracing evolving technological products and services.

10. A competitive advantage is possible in part by our local-governance.

11. Success and progression are derived from our culture of continuous improvement.

12. We believe that having an element of fun in the carrying out of our duties and responsibilities is a bonus to a successful work day.


Our greatest achievement will be members obtaining life-long financial success and well-being.

Our service level will exceed expectations through commitment to excellence, industry best practices, and continuous improvement.

Through our unified team of professionals, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union will continually provide competitively-priced services to all members.


Our constant focus will be superior member service in helping our members gain the financial soundness they deserve.

Maintain continuous community involvement and service.

An on-going high level of employee education and motivation will result in successful performance of duties and responsibilities, confidence, job satisfaction, and pride within our organization.

Management’s role will be to ensure superior member service delivery through guidance and support to all employees in reaching their highest potential.

Integral members of the credit union team are the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee. Oversight will be achieved through their engaged, committed, and supportive efforts.

On-going existence of a sound and successful service culture will achieve status of a high-performing, independent, member-driven, community-chartered federal credit union.